Yo vivo aquí/Аз живея тук

Textile and multimedia Installation
Artist in residency at ARV. International Vishovgrad Village.
Heerz Tooya Gallery. Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria.
June - August 2022

With a new series of artworks, as temporary resident in the village Vishovgrad, Montserrat Camargo bridge her identity with her Bulgarian surroundings. Continuing her artistic exploration of  subjective perceptivity at the construction of narratives, Camargo exhibits fractions from meetings with locals in the village up against pigmented background of walnut and avocado. The exhibition contains multilayered situations spatially unfolding metaphysical remnants of hours of conversations and field recordings. 

“Here life is difficult so i make jam” 

Potentially pondering into a dead end, one may still wonder who the subjective I presented in the exhibition is. 

“I have 3 goats” 

Redoubled by the title Yo vivo aquí/ Аз живея тук, the exhibition provides various winks, manifesting itself as a self-reflective conundrums bound to the unconditional impossibilities of the identified and identifier. Tracing the artist as an ethnographer, Camargo absorbs her gathered material to such an extent that rationality is less apparent and more intuitive. With the time spent weaving quotes into wool pieces, Camargo has extended the act itself as an appropriation internally. If you repeat a word long enough, it becomes abstract. The same might happen to your signified self. 

– Lars Nordby