Montserrat Camargo's work explores subjective perceptions in the construction of narratives through audiovisual media, installations, and language. Continuously doubting the veracity of her body, she uses the self as a starting point in a frantic need to collect evidence. Playing with poetry to complete the empty space, to recognize its insignificance. "I am here, I exist, and that is all". Sometimes she observes and registers, others, she invents characters and rules. And when she is no longer able to find herself, she inhabits the space encompassed by the walls of a room, the weight of the material and the exchange with the other. Frequently, returning to the concept of home as a metaphorical space of inexorable intimacy. "My house is diaphanous, its walls expand and contract as I wish; and its inhabitants, which are liquid, can be seen through its transparency. We are constantly eager, but paralyzed before the possibility of being seen". Camargo's research aims to deconstruct the believe of unilateral identity, as it is impossible to separate the being from its perception. She uses different ways of blurring the line between viewer, maker, and work. Playing and manipulating her life, in order to find a second of discomfort sparked from recognition of ourselves in the other.

BA Fine Art 

2017 – 2021 

Minerva Academy, Groningen, Países Bajos.

MA Creative Writing 

2022 – ongoing

Universidad Complutense de Madrid  



Yo vivo Aquí 

25 June – 20 August 

Artist in residency at ARV. International Vishovgrad

Heerz Tooya Gallery, Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria

Jugando a la casita

05 November – 18th December 2021

RAAHM. Leeuwarden, Países Bajos 


Detour. Graduación

17 – 24 June 2021 

Suikerfabriek, Groningen, Países Bajos. 

Green Lights 

31 January – 05 February 2021 

Herestraat 72, Groningen, Países Bajos. 

Sentimental Preoccupations 

28 May – 28 June 2020

 60ish third year expo 

05 – 12 March 2020

Praediniussingel 59, Groningen, Países Bajos. 

1/3 2 4 3D 

03 – 06 April 2019 

Praediniussingel 59, Groningen, Países Bajos. 


18 September 2018 

NP3. Groningen, Países Bajos. 

In Between 

28 May – 03 June 2018

Galleria Unexpected. Groningen, Países Bajos. 

Stardust and Chicken Soup 

24 June – 02 September 2018 

Synagogue, Groningen, Países Bajos.



Asistent curator  Trienalle exhibition

September 2021

SYB KUNSTHUIS, Friesland, Países Bajos.

24 hours artist residency

January 2021

SYB KUNSTHUIS, Friesland, Países Bajos.

Curator at Green Lights

January – February 2021

Herestraat 72, Groningen, Países Bajos.

Asistente and editor of photography 

March – May 2020

Teddy’s Last Ride, Groningen, Países Bajos

Sound collaboration with artist Hendrick Hanstchel

November 2018

NP3 Groningen, Países Bajos 

Takes a sip of your soul

Photo series. 

May 2018

Malm Collection Loppersum, Países Bajos


Opinion article writer 

June 2021-2022 


Stories from the red couch

April 2022.

Occupying Another Home

April 2022

Stichting Artistbook, Groningen, Países Bajos.

Now you see me, now you don’t

June 2021

Graduation Thesis, Minerva Academy.

You know how I feel about chicken pieces

April 2021

Catalogue SYB Kunsthuis 24-hour residencies. Collaboration with Polina Shuvalova

The white week.

February 2020