September 2021

Performative installation

You are a force of nature, you are an abstraction. 

Wouldn’t the serial killer be more evil than the tornado for choosing to be evil? The tornado doesn’t know what it's doing. I will destroy this room of this specific person 

 Exactly, exactly. 

She is just accepting the reality, it's not that she is offended. 

I don’t have anything to say about it. 

well.. I love tornados 

He is evil, he is lowkey evil. Just like all of us… I never realised how difficult is to find someone to connect with. 

If you are expecting people to do things that are up here, you are not going to settle for someone who is down here. 

Shit… I don’t want to be that high up. 


I think women do tend a lot to settle. 

If you step up to that power move, she is as strong herself. 

Now no one is taking shit from anyone! If you don’t like it you are going to tell them, you are not gonna let them. 

Do you like your brother? 

They are the kings of the world! 

And yes…so on Tuesday I was with this dude, on Wednesday I went to see this dude on this garden, I did this, I did this… 


…I have this five different guys in rotation, and I was like… okey if I see five different people during a week, I am not also making out with them. 

For the past months, I recorded every conversation I had, and then I made a call: girls with long dark hair, height 1.60. Replicas of myself. Each performer would stay inside the installation for 5 hours in the course of a week. More often than not, I have the unbearable need to live as characters following a script, perhaps, to liberate myself from the burden of my own life.