Montserrat Camargo

Montserrat Camargo


Self (s)

The identity is constructed through what we decide to tell the viewer. For the past months, I recorded every conversation I had, and then I made a call: girls with long dark hair, height 1.60. Replicas of myself. More often than not, I have the unbearable need to live as characters following a script, perhaps, …

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Belonging to a home Camille, Ingrid, Emma, Iñaqui, Santiago and Nerea were created as alternate versions of myself. Directly connected to my experience and how I relate to places. The works revolves around the concepts of intimacy, privacy and domestic spaces. If I can doubt my identity I will do so. It is comic to live both trapped …

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Body pieces

Click HereClick Here Previous Next Body pieces After measuring my whole body I gave 42 pieces of it away. Do you think everyone who owned a piece of me, still have me in their possession?  Text based and action of 2 days. May 2020. Netherlands